The Art Hotel is a place where all types of talent are shared and featured: Art, Writing, Music, Gaming and More!

︶꒦꒷ ﹒ Hotel Themed Server ?

︶꒦꒷ ﹒ hangout with our community! ⛱️

︶꒦꒷ ﹒We have self assignable roles based off your own choosing, these tells us about you! ❗

︶꒦꒷﹒ With a variety of bots, we have plenty of ways to keep you from getting bored. ?

︶꒦꒷﹒ Many different channels of different types of things to discuss! ?

︶꒦꒷ ﹒ Many different music bots to vibe to in our music channels! ?

︶꒦꒷﹒ Our staff is friendly and active as well as our community of the server! ❕

︶꒦꒷ ﹒Monthly, Daily, Weekly Events and more! ?️

︶꒦꒷ ﹒Custom Emojis ?

﹒﹒﹒and many more things!

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