## Broad Street

Hello Friends,

Broad Street is a server for drug friendly users to get together and discuss harm reduction, daily life, listen to music, play games, and have the best emojis on the block. Post selfies, member artwork, photography, pet pics, food porn, and IT channels.

Separate self assignable recovery role that will block trigger parts of the server and reveal a group therapy chat and resource links for getting where you want to be.

Far less rules than you're used to, the atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. All our welcome and judgement is not. All drugs users welcome, all sexual preferences welcome, all races welcome. Anyone against those ideals is quickly removed. Want a game or bot that isn't already there? Let us know and we'll add it.


  • Chess, Scattegories,
  • Skribb-io, Trivia, Connect-4
  • Battleship, Monopoly,
  • Cards-Against-Humanity,
  • Survey Says, Scrabble,
  • Mastermind, Last-Letter, and more


  • Artwork, Photography,
  • Food porn, Pet pics,
  • Selfies, Uncategorized cool pics,
  • Roast, Music, Server XP store


  • OwO, Dank Memer, Med Bot
  • Gambling Bot, Gambunta, Haiku Bot,
  • Octave Music, Virtual Fisher,
  • Yggdrasi, Zephyr, Red Bot
  • Carl, Nadeko, Mee6, too many to list


  • Dosebot calculations, effects and info
  • Venting and serious support
  • Self care and recovery resources
  • Including a recovery role that hides trigger channels and unlocks support channels


Broad Street - patreon

subreddit link


direct vanity link


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