Pokemon Go :

  • In this server you can purchase discounted/cheap Pokecoins in Pokemon go.

  • you save up to 50% and more when purchasing Pokecoins, in fact the cheapest so far out there.

  • have you invited friend and he purchased coins? congratulations ! you got 300 Pokecoins for free instant.

  • Raffles, when enough members are in - we will make a raffle when all tickets paid (depend on size pack), streaming alive the roulette - winner get his Pokecoins. good luck !

  • all these services are 100% safe and secure, no bans, this is used since 2016, and it is GUARANTEED.

  • Also we are providing services such as:

  • Raids, Stardust farming, XP farming, Shundo / hundo hunting and more!

join us for my info :)


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