We only have a couple rules, meant to give the server some structure and streamline the experience:

  1. Posts should be placed in the proper channels. Repeated mis-posts will be removed, and Not Safe For Work posts are permitted in #the-cellar only. If you have any questions about what channel to post something in, please reach out to a moderator.

  2. A rank progression system is in place, based upon the member’s level of engagement with the server. Promotions occur as a member posts, chats, uses bots, or otherwise interacts, while demotions occur when a member exhibits little-to-no activity. We highly encourage participation in the server (but please keep spam to a minimum): a. @Apprentice (New Member) b. @Journeyman (Active Member) c. @Elder (Active and Posting Member) d. @Pillar (Server Boosting Member – if you are interested in boosting the server, please reach out to the Server Owner) e. @Champion (Moderator) f. @Grand-master (Server Owner)

  3. We ask that members use a fantasy style nickname with dashes (-) between titles. The nickname can be changed at any time by the member - please have fun choosing a nickname!

The Jaded Ent includes several different channels, some of which generate more notices than others. Due to this, we recommend muting #dnd-testing, #pokemon-center, and #bot-commands. While you are welcome to mute any channels, you may miss out on events or gaming opportunities if other channels are muted. (To mute a channel, right click on the channel name, select “Mute Channel,” then select the length of time you wish it to be muted).

Finally, The Jaded Ent is a haven for Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts! We have several bots that allow for a completely digital campaign experience, or you are welcome to arrange an in-person party should you wish to do so. Members are encouraged to DM their own campaigns, one-offs, or to roll up a character sheet for existing campaigns! Sessions can be posted to the server as an “Event” with an RSVP function. Rules and game functions are left to the discretion of the Dungeon Master, however as a courtesy to all players, we ask:

  1. Please do not RSVP for a D&D event that you are not absolutely sure you will be able to attend, as DM’s often use these expected numbers to balance encounters. Walk-ins are at the individual event host or DM’s discretion.

  2. DM’s reserve the right to set a limit on the number of players allowed into each session, should they wish to do so.

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