The year is 2065. You tied off the loose ends in your regular life and made the decision to answer the recruitment ad. What compelled you to sign your life over to Ligamus Corps? Wealth, purpose, belonging, power, revenge, or something else? Regardless of why you did it, you’re part of the team now, and you can’t go back. The top-secret alien tech that allows you to morph into a suit of powerful armor has been irreversibly fused with your anatomy, and your contract ensures you will be part of Ligamus for the rest of your life. You’ll take these secrets to your grave.

Make yourself at home in the base dorms, mingle with your coworkers, hone your strength in the gym, and practice your abilities in the training arenas. State-of-the-art AI controls holographic opponents for you to spar against in preparation for your eventual deployment to neutralize the worms.

Of course, everyone knows about the worms. They got the name because the first ones looked like Mongolian death worms of mythology. However, these abominations come in nearly every shape and size (from “huge” to “gargantuan”) and have been popping up all over the world in the last two years. Worm sightings are only increasing over time, and the world needs every hero possible to clean up the reality-warping Exeno radiation. Exterminating worms is difficult and dangerous, and Ligamus’s recruitment campaign has been ramping up rewards in an effort to draw in new candidates. Are you up to the challenge? The future of the world is at stake.

  • TW: mild body horror & violence
  • T1 literate RP (1+ paragraphs)
  • Original setting lore
  • In-RP timeline
  • Missions & casual events
  • Combat system uses stats & dice
  • 3-week deadline to submit a character app
  • Flexible character customization options
  • Players may have up to 2 characters
  • Visual aesthetic:

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