Haven is a place where you can come to be yourself alongside others. If you’re feeling oppressed by society, you may find solace here. We accept all who are scorned or stigmatized by 'normal' society, such as but not limited to the LGBT+, African American, Muslim, furry, occult and esoteric communities as a whole, and so many more.

Here in Haven there is plenty to do. We have channels for gifs, memes, bots, and even places to share your personal artwork and photography. As the server grows, we hope you do too. Be it within the community or as an individual.

If you write your own things or are a creator in any way, perhaps you are an artist or writer of materials such as poems, songs, books, or expressions of any sort, you are welcome to either put them in the appropriate channel or ask a staff member to give you a channel in the Member Section where you can share your stuff and receive appropriate reception.

If you feel overwhelmed or just need a place to vent or relax, you can let a staff member know and we’ll give you a special role that will hide the normal channels for you and give you access to the Field of Peace channel wherein you may get away from the stress. There is also a venting channel in the Garden of Tranquility and a voice channel where you can talk one on one with a staff member who can and will help you feel better or simply listen.

Haven is always growing and if you have ideas for how to help it grow we have two channels designated for that called 'Category and Channel Suggestions' as well as 'Role Suggestions'. There will also be a Suggestion Box for other things not related to channels, categories or roles.

We hope to see you here in Haven.

Welcome Home.

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