The Story Far far away, in a prosperous Crypto Beaver Kingdom lived proud Crypto Beavers. The kingdom was ruled by the wise Crypto Beaver King. However, one day a group of angry apes kidnapped and hid him leaving the whole kingdom without its beloved ruler. To find and bring back their King the beavers of the Kingdom assembled a gang including the best of the best 10,000 crypto beavers to take on an epic journey. The gang split to 10 groups, each led by a legendary crypto beaver and started their adventure.

The Collection To cheer up the furry adventurous gang, a unique NFT ERC-721 collection was created featuring 10,000 regular crypto beavers, 10 legendary crypto beavers and a Crypto Beaver King. The collection will securely reside on the Ethereum Blockchain, and the metadata with the high-resolution photos will be permanently stored on IPFS. The one who finds the King will receive King’s Treasure Box full of ETH and high-profile NFTs.

Each NFT is combined of 10 traits: head gear, eyewear, eyes, facial expression, teeth, mouth items, costume, body, jewelry, and background. Additionally, noble crypto beavers also wear a crypto-amulet with a crypto-coin of their preference. Every trait is professionally designed and comes with a broad spectrum of well-thought variations, so every beaver is truly unique. But some are more unique than the others! A detailed rarity sheet will be provided later, but in the meanwhile check out some of our crypto beavers!

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