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❤️ Community Support in Our Discord

★ Our aim is to Help the Clash Of Clans Players Community by provide a Well Organized place where everyone can come and select the base they want to use ★ All the base shared are free so we give them for free ★ We regularly keep adding new bases to the best of our ability ★ You guys can also help us by sharing Base Screenshot & Base Links ★ CWL will be starting soon If anyone is looking for new base we Have added many new bases to our existing base collection.

Join our Server & get access to our Free War Base Collection


Our War Base Collection

★┋TH-15⟹2200+ Bases ★┋TH-14⟹750+ Bases ★┋TH-13⟹350+ Bases ★┋TH-12⟹500+ Bases ★┋TH-11⟹350+ Bases ★┋TH-10⟹300+ Bases

Note : ★ Above Number are old number we regularly keep updating and sharing new bases so the numbers will always grow more. ★ War Base Link expires after 28 days if its not used. We will request if the link has expired please choose a different base. Self Promotions in Our Discord

★ Promote your Clan/Alliance ★ Chat with Players who wish to Join ★ Content Creators can promote your content

Apart from our Community Support with Free War Base Collection & Self Promotions as mentioned above, We have our own set of clans and our Alliance

Benefits Of Joining Player Clan Family

★ CWL for everyone (Leagues - Gold to Champ) ★ Fair distribution of CWL Bonus Medals ★ Very Friendly and Helpful Team ★ Max Clan Games, Max Donations, Regular Training etc ★ Casual Back to Back Wars ★ Promotion Based on Knowledge, Performance & Loyalty

What we Provide in Our Discord

★ Well Organized Discord ★ Free Access to over all 2000+ War Bases from TH10 to TH15 ★ Donation Channel ★ Strategy Discussion Channel ★ Free Training on different attack strategies

⚔️ Thanks and Clash on.⚔️

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