‼️Check Out Our Server‼️ ⚡️• Satoshi’s Sanctuary •⚡️

1️⃣ Live giveaways everyday where everyone will come home with something ? 2️⃣ Two sysbots open random times everyday, come build your favorite shines! ? 3️⃣ Battle corner where you can compete in pokemon tournaments and earn sick prizes ?️ 4️⃣ Some giveaways are live, some are timed, make sure to pick up the giveaway role to stay up to date on what your next prize could be ? 5️⃣ Tired of incompetent teammates, look no more as this server was founded as a tera server and have strict rules on 5* and 6* raids to make sure you can come out on top! ⭐️ 6️⃣ Ever heard of a shiny union room? Keep an eye out for @(Ign : Ky) ‘s giveaways and search through the server to find more ways to bring home bundles of shinies for your gameplay or living dex ? 7️⃣ Plenty of staff and active members who are here to help you in your Pokémon experience, ask questions, keep up with our great community and begin climbing through the ranks through your attendance in the server ? 8️⃣ This is a new server and we are planning on growing rapidly, so many great things happening and don’t want you to miss out, check us out and we promise you won’t be let down ?? 9️⃣ READ THE RULES AND PICK UP ROLES, this is how you gain full access to our community! ?? ? Brand new Pokemon League added to the server January 1st 2023! Climb to the top as you have defeat 9 of our 18 gym leaders to get the chance at challenging our elite 4! Tons of rewards being given out for people who manage to defeat us & a shiny union room of choice for those able to defeat our champion! Gl and hope to see you at the top?

✨ Have fun, make yourself at home, join discussions, & enjoy all the server has to offer, we only plan to grow from here ⚔️

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