A modern day writing roleplay realm inspired by a combination of two separate series (Trueblood / Southern Vampire novels and the Anita Blake series) blended with the creativity of the realm's creators.

Species in play include Humans (with and without powers), Vampires (of many bloodlines), Lycans (of many species), Merfolk (as in Mermaids), and two species of Fae (Sidhe and Demi).

Don't worry if you haven't read the books or are unfamiliar with the genre! We have extensive information offered in the server to help get you started and the Hush Council is happy to help.

◈ Users must be 18+ ◈ LGBTQ+ Friendly ◈ Readers & Writers Welcome!

We offer...

◈ Semi-Literate to Literate RP ◈ Welcoming All Writing Styles ◈ Interactive Storytelling ◈ Detailed Species and Realm Information ◈ IC Locations and Player Dossiers ◈ OOC Channels for Chat and Plotting ◈ Tupperbot for Character Switching ◈ Character Vetting for Balanced Play

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