++Welcome to Illusoria!++

Illusoria is a world that is dimensionally unstable - As such, characters from nigh on anywhere - From OCs to comics, from movies to games, from action figures to tv shows, even from real life, can join in! These people are known as Lost Souls, for they have drifted from their home and may never find their way back

This world is inhabitated by magical creatures called Cryscon - Entities who embody Oz - Or Life Force - and weild it to their own ends. They can be, with the help of Oz Crystals (gems that represent your soul), turned into cards and tied to who you are

The world is simple to grasp, but hard to truly learn, which is why we have set up various areas of difficulty, from an area for people completely new, to some areas requiring more knowledge, all the ways up to an entire world to explore when you feel comfortable

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