Osiris Gaming is a small gaming community discord made by only a few people and has slowly grown into a much more welcoming place for gamers. We have chats for everything from gaming, photography, technology, ai art, etc etc. We have specific categories and roles for members, If you only come for a specific game, simply sign up for that role and that's all you will see!

Note: We do have a NSFW section, but requires adding the role + agreeing to nsfw terms. We are not responsible for you after you enable these features!

Our game specific chats are changed over time due to how popular games are with our members, currently we have: Space Engineers Star Citizen Minecraft Elite Dangerous Satisfactory Cars & Racing Valheim Osiris New Dawn Rust Ark *Mobile Games

Note: The server has a spam protection setup, as well as an auto-role reaction system so that you only see the channels that you want to see. Initially you will only see welcome & the noob-help chats, you will need to react to the categories in #autorole to see other chats after you read #welcome (except the lounge chats) We do have admins and moderators to monitor the server.

Additionally, we have a NSFW section, there are multiple warnings, ... a lot of warnings, in order to access it, Under no circumstances should you enable NSFW categories & we are not responsible if you somehow manage to 'accidentally' open the 5 warnings and click through them all and access this category.

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