Welcome to Renatus Network!

Home of top-quality Parkour and True KitPvP

Are YOU looking for a fun new Minecraft server to call your own? Well, the Renatus Network is a Minecraft Network dedicated to giving players an enjoyable experience.

We consist of many different game-modes, as listed below:





From our over 200+ levels of Parkour to the thrilling action packed game-mode of KitPvP, we strive to make player experience enjoyable all around. We host regular events on our very own Event server. On top of this, we feature a variety of different options when playing each game-mode to help you find something different every time you play.

Not only do we strive for an enjoyable Minecraft server experience for our players, but we also feature many unique Discord events and activities!

Our Discord server consists of many fun chats and activities such as:

One-Word Story

No-Context Quotes

An exclusive VIP experience that's easily obtainable

Showcase channel

Creator Rewards

And way more!

All in all, if Minecraft or Discord is something you enjoy, come and check out Renatus Network as we have so much to offer.

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