Welcome to the R.R.G.S. Community!

We are a family-run community currently looking to expand our horizons, learning new things to help improve it as well as bringing in new members to our wonderful family of gamers, streamers, artists, and developers.

We are currently looking for a FiveM developer, so if you’re good at developing for FiveM GTA servers, let us know!

Rules to join:

  1. Please do not come to our discord advertising for other discords.
  2. You may invite anyone you like to the discord to help it grow!
  3. We are more than willing to help anyone with their streaming dreams, but we do ask that you are active and around for a bit firsthand! By chatting and being active in the server, you will grow in level through one of our bots and gain levels. At level 3 Level 5 For Giveaways And level 7 For Our Schedule Raid System, you can be added to the bot streamer list, and the streamer role!

We have games on our Discord for anyone to play, and active supporters of the community may even be eligible for giveaways both through the Discord, and through various streamers within the community!

Currently available Discord game bots!

  1. Mudae! The waifu/husbando claiming, pokemon playing bot that is one of the top rated bots out there.
  2. Epic RPG! The amazing world of an rpg, in text based fashion! 3.ZSurvive! Survive the zombies… or become a human happy meal!

Currently the major games we do have streamers actively involved in:

VRCHAT Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 7 Days to Die Minecraft GTA5/FiveM Multiplayer games in general will show up on stream often. Some members stream independently as well with their own styles.

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