Our community has existed for over 5 years, learning, winning, losing but enjoying the game(s) is a key part of our culture and a great source of fun as well as many laughs from time to time to time even if we're not the best at it.

We are a friendly group and there always people happy to talk to you and often help out even if you are not a core part of our organisation. Become part of the Nexus and hang out for a laugh!

For those that aren't Eve players, we have a dedicated "No eve talk" zone as well as dedicated gaming channels for a variety of games although most things end up going in the voice channels.

Some quotes from our members from our website:

When the 2019 Blackout hit EVE and took its PVE toll, especially on nullsec, he invited me and my Corp members to join him in a Wormhole project on the side to help with income. I checked it out and the more time I spent with the UNTNC and UNTNI members the more it felt like home. At some point, I started playing other games with them as well and found yet another very enjoyable experience for myself. I feel like everybody in this community is a very decent human being and my gaming experience has become richer from being a part of it. Thanks for all the fun hours! o7

I play eve because of the people that I play with, I would not play eve at all if it was not for my corporation, we work together as a tight-knit group to get things done and have fun. I still see and hang out with even in real life some of the people from past alliances and entities and play with them sometimes and they often join us to play other games too. This is the point of Nexus, it's a community, not just a corporation.

People can put what they want in these boxes, why not just jump on and have a feel around for yourself and have a chat with us in our Financial degenerates or "sports" channels and maybe play some games with us :)

If you'd like to visit our website (primarily Eve focussed see here: https://untnc.com/ for eve recruitment please contact us on discord, the login via SSO on the website has been temporarily disabled at this time).

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