Howdy everyone!

Welcome to Svens Gaming Public PUB Community Group! - The only true Serious #1 Gaming Community all Over!

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Are you looking for a Serious Discord Server wich is not just Full with People, but has the maximum possible Sercurity, and where you can play your Favorites games without being disturbed by annoying kids, or trolls?

Then you are exactly right with us!

Us, as the only true #1 Serious Gaming Discord Server, we offer you the best possible security that is available for Discord. We enable our users to have the best possible security with our age verification system, with which you can feel safe with us, not being disturbed by trolls, or being misled by the user giving an incorrect age. Another not to be despised side effect of our seriousness is that our seriousness deters many people who have fraudulent intentions or who violate the law with their actions.

Other Communitys are just Full with People..

In Combination with our Server Rules, and our experienced admins, who ensure law and order and appropriate behavior on our server, we are unbeatable!

Apart from that, of course we also take care of your entertainment by offer you many different channels, including gaming, talk, private channels, and many others where you can stay either alone or with your clan/friends. Even for your entertainment is also taken care the best enjoyable way with our unique regular live events on YouTube and Twitch.

Supported languages ​​on our server: German and English.

Access permit for our Discord Server not under age of 14 years!

We also strongly recommend to read our Server Rules, preferably before joining to our Server! You can find our Server Rules on our Website, and after Joining on our Server.

If you are a true gamer then our discord server is the only server you will need, appreciate and love!

Maybe we'll see you soon on our server.

Go with us into the Future!

Cheers! Sven

The Owner & Leader of Svens Gaming Public PUB Community Group.

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