?Home of the Deity

One of the only Minecraft servers based in Balkans created with intentions of giving players an unique and feature-filled experience whilst not requiring them to pay.

?History of Divine Realms

▪️ Originally called negativeZone, our server went through quite a few changes.

?The beginning

▪️ Server was created on august 11th 2017 by @neon (neon) and @Pecam (petarm2001).

▪️ Our plan was to let players express their creativity through building incredible structures, great bases and grand castles.

▪️ They could do all that and still not worry about their progress getting ruined by explosions because we disabled them and only allowed players to raid others by overclaiming their territory.

▪️ This went on to become our signature gamemode that we use even to this day.

?A helping hand ?

▪️ Having a non-commercial server meant that we were paying for the server from our pocket and from occasional donators.

▪️ This didn't last a long time but we were luckily approached by the UniqueHost (then known as Arcadia Hosting) founders @Sillyre (Sillyre) and OpenSource on february 14th 2019 with a sponsorship deal.

▪️ @Sillyre went on to become a permanent member of our team.

✒️Partnerships left and right! ?

▪️ Partnerships didn't end there.

▪️ Although we never wanted to merge with others, we had no issue hosting and assisting servers on our network.

♾️We collaborated with:

▪️ NightRealm, FUT CRAFT, HogRealms and Spectre™️.

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