What we offer


║║Auto streaming role and auto advertise

║║Color Roles

║║Many waifus to play with

║║Community of streamers

║║Arts showcase

║║Resident GFX Designers

║║Commissioned Instagram Social Media Engagement

║║Music and Voice channel


║║ Streamer Resources

║║ Screamer of the Month

║║ Giveaways

║║ Weekly Events (Horror Movie/Game PArty/Anime Marathon/Karaoke Happy Hours/Twitch Raids)

║║ Friendly • Non-toxic community

║║ Level ranking • Self assignable roles

║║ LFG • Latest Gaming News and deals

║║ Idle RPG

║║Open to Suggestions


With the growing of the server we will add new things!

What can you lose?

C'mon join the #screamteam!


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