DGL - The best Discord for all things Tarkov.

Hey Tarkovians,

Looking for one Discord server that you can call your Tarkov home? Look no further.

DGL is the place to stay and we would like to welcome you into our family.

We do not care if you are in introvert or extrovert, rat or chad. If you just started out or are a veteran.

What we care for is to have you around and give you the best possible experience one can have.

How? Through the best, most wholesome community you can find, through the best audio quality on discord, .. the list goes on and on.

Jump in and say hello, I will be there to welcome you personally!

Click here to join DGL

To finish the post, here is a list of things you can expect:

• ⁠Max Server boost, including best Audio Quality & top emotes

• ⁠Giveaways & Advanced Giveaways as well as Member Giveaways (currently halted until we make a deal with BSG)

• ⁠everyone is welcome, newcomers & vets

• ⁠the owner is always around and doesn't separate himself from the rest

• ⁠Useful bots that enhance your experience (Market, Music, Ranks, ..)

• Sherpa & Game Questions Channel

• ⁠Good mood is guaranteed as toxic players are not tolerated and removed instantly

• ⁠Rewards for Loyal Members

• ⁠Server feedback & suggestions are taken seriously

• Guides, ⁠insights and info material on maps, settings, builds, recommended, ...

• ⁠LFG rooms, room for different squad sizes, very active general chat that provides amazing banter

• ⁠flex rooms: show us your sick runs!

• ⁠Chance to make someone's day by being helpful and friendly

Looking forward to seeing you!

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