Iron Blooded Orphans: Resurrection


300 years ago, there was a great war against a great evil known as the Mobile Armors, it was ended by using the 72 Gundam Frames, powerful mobile suits developed to fight them.

2 Years ago, the war started anew on Mars, and only a few Gundams are seen. Inside developments of Gjallarhorn have ripped it asunder into 2 factions each striving for control of their former territories.

The Jupiter and Saturn Space thrive in this era of darkness.

A Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Roleplaying server continuing a story abandoned in March 2020 that lets you become the key to Humanity's salvation against the Mobile Armors, or their downfall.

Become a politician or a fighter or a leader, or become an explorer, trying to find one or more of the legendary gundams, or even become a mix of all of them. the choices you make are up to you. Join one of the several factons that make up the story of this universe, and become part of the story as it develops, Or create your own faction and make your own impact on the story.


  • Salvage System - Salvage various mobile suits from the 2015 Anime such as the Graze, Geirail or Hugo with our advanced salvage system.
  • Friendly Staff - Our staff are available most of the time to help you if you have any questions. Just ping them.
  • A massive universe ever expanding - As the story goes along, new elements come into play to expand the roleplay experience in the Iron-Blooded Orphans Universe.


This is a parallel universe to the 2015 Gundam Series, Iron Blooded Orphans, None of the main characters exist save for a few key ones, join and see the server-info for more details.

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