At the base of Mt. Asuwa in Fukui City is the Fukui Academy of Arts, offering an ideal education and training for talented young girls in the realms of traditional art, music, theater, acting, culinary, dance, writing, and more. With talented and dedicated faculty, the academy has been turning gifted girls into skilled young women for over seventy years. Competition is stiff; to be accepted, students apply with portfolios or auditions, and a few recommendations from teachers wouldn't hurt. But it's well worth it to excel in Fukui Academy's program.

So, what will you major in?

Seicho no Hana is the Discord server for the roleplay forum set in the fictional all-girls school Fukui Academy, focusing on the Yuri/Shoujo Ai (Girl's Love) genres. We are a SFW, PG-13 community, looking for new members for both roleplaying and for just chatting and hanging out!

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