Hello and welcome to DnD Central, a hub of players, DMs, and content creators. Here you can find Dungeon Masters/Game Masters who are willing to take in new players who are new to DnD or players who are just looking for a campaign. If your a DM and need to summon up some players, this server is also for you! We aim to function as a hub for old and new players alike, to host and join games.

We mostly run base D&D5e games, but we've also hosted Star Wars 5e and some text-based RP games using Roll20 (https://roll20.net/). We take any and all players, new and old, those looking to RP and those looking to maximize their characters. Hosting a game just requires you (the DM) to tell the admins a brief premise of your game and we can create you a channel and role for your players. We also play a handful of different video games on occasion, so feel free to hop in anytime.

Have fun and roll high!

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