• D&D Friends is a friendly and welcoming community dedicated to playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition on Roll20. We are centered around one-shots played over Roll20 and Foundry and allow you to keep a persistent character from game to game. We use Checkpoints (CP) instead of XP and Treasure Points (TP) instead of being awarded magic items by the DMs.

• We are based in Sigil, The City of Doors, which has an infinite number of portals to every plane. You are an adventurer who has just arrived in Sigil: what will your story be? Your path awaits you in Sigil and the multitude of worlds that lie beyond it.

• We welcome anyone and everyone regardless of experience level and encourage everyone to try DMing; however, voice communication and a PC that can access Roll20 or Foundry are mandatory.

• We average around 100 one-shots each month and currently have 40 campaigns running.

• To begin your adventure, join our server using this link! https://discord.gg/zpESctycrE

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