Are your friends not turning up to the gaming sessions anymore? Do you feel like you need to switch it up a bit? Then our server might be the answer!

We are The Gazellos, a gaming crew based in the EU and US, and we are looking to find new members keen on making gaming the most enjoyable it can be, and to become the most active server possible!

This is what we offer you:

?a welcoming and laidback community primarily focused on gaming with friends on all platforms and connecting to likeminded members

?channel categories that focus on entertainment, social interests and creative hobbies for a welcome change in topics

?pick and choose your list of channels with the Onboarding feature - only the things you like will be shown to you

?a relaxed and friendly staff team trying to ensure the best environment and offering help at all times

?a well-structured server layout for an uncomplicated experience

?regular events like gaming, movie nights, art sessions, masterclasses and even occasional tournaments with rewards

?lots of ways to contribute to the server through suggestions and more

This is who we are looking for:

?open-minded and laidback people who LOVE to play videogames - no matter if casual or competitive, every level and platform counts

?people that like to be active in their communities and contribute to them

?anyone who wants to make new friends - whether it be through gaming or other similar interests

If all of that sounds good to you, then we suggest stopping by and saying "Hi" - a little chat never hurt nobody!

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