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DES STUDIO(Dread Eye Studio) is an Indian Company which Offers Game Dev, Software Dev, Tech Tips, Video Gaming, & more. (Discord Community)

DES STUDIO which Offers Media Content Creator, Innovation/Invention, Software & Game Development, DES Computer Service Docture. This Founded in 02 March 2017 by the Founder/CEO Nihaal Knight(M.Syed Nihaal Ahmed) of Dread Eye Studio. It was a Game Development Studio back in a days, Thus Leading to other Investment to Integrate Other Type of Feature within the Company. It Support Platform like PC(HEAVY), PC(LITE), & Android(PlayStore) other Platform Support might expect in near feature. The Game And Software Development Studio offers Server Games Published on Play Store, Official Website,, Game Jolt, Roast My Game, And Few More.

"We Take Development Seriously to Get Positive User Reaction"

Dread Eye Studio was Founded by Nihaal Knight(M.Syed Nihaal Ahmed). It was all start with Playing a handfull of Game ranging from PC, Mobile & Console Game. Finally Founder/CEO decided to Create a Realistic Game, Mainly Foucing on FPS Shooter Type, Action, Adventure Type Games, Started Creating Small Fps Shooter Character mechanismsm, But ended up making a single player game then Convered to a Multiplayer game, which was named as Knight Rock Combat-1: Fps Multiplayer Game and Followed by server other Game. After a small Peroid of time Founder/CEO Integrated other services like Media Content Creator, Innovation/Invention, Software & Game Development, DES Computer Service Docture and More. Thus this was the True story behind the screen. After a Couple of Months also became a Media Content Creator by having Two Youtube Channel seprate for Development of DES and Another for Live Streaming Games, also Post Live Video and Innovation onother Social media like Twitch, Facebook, Mixer platform for Content Creators.

UPDATES & NEW POLICY GUIDELINES: Dread Eye Studio Constantly/Frequency Update Policy and giving Users to access for Recent and Latest Feature.

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