Looking for a truly unique PS4 Ark Cluster Server? Well, look no further!. RuleTheArk is a PS4 Ark cluster server with average boosted rates of x25, very well balanced and maintained servers. With a very structured set up and a dedicated admin, it's one of the best arks out there, but I'll leave that decision up to you. We have a lot of settings and configuration to give you an enjoyable experience on our servers. its the perfect server to rule the ark. Our cluster has 15 servers, which includes every map. We also have multiple smaller tribe maps with the same cluster, along with our decided events and reward server.

What makes us so unique is our one of a discord bot. With this, you can track your player and tribe statistics all through our discord server. Find out how much you have played, how often as well as statistics for your tribe and members, including kills, tames and so much more.

Exclusive to RuleTheArk, we reward our players for the hours they put into our servers. You can earn points based on the number of factors such as the number of hours your play on our servers. You will be able to trade your points to buy items from the shop totally free just by playing what you already love!. This is a feature no other servers have; you can track your game time and points straight through our discord!.

We use this to build a full economy system in which you can earn RTACoins and compete with survivors. These coins can be used to redeem rewards and enter raffles and lottos. Learn more here: RTA Rewards

Our goal is to become a large exciting Ark community. We have many events and features lined up!. Whether that’s a community boss fight, maze runs, jumping puzzles, dino hunts and so much more.

Thank you for showing your interest. We hope you stay for the long road ahead!. Don’t forget to join our discord for all the action!

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