Barbershop Talk

Greetings! Barbershop Talk is here for you when you need a toxic-free, interactive environment to hang out in! With dedicated channels to sports, gaming, anime, pets, movies, etc. there's bound to be something here for you!

What we have to offer you includes:

  • A friendly environment where everyone is welcome
  • A place to relax, play games, and watch streams together
  • An active, engaging owner and staff
  • Our own self-hosted Nadeko bot and server shop
  • Our own local currency known as Barber Bucks that allows you to buy Discord Nitro and other items of monetary value
  • Weekly giveaways for Discord Nitro and other items of monetary value
  • Additional premium bots for games, music, memes, etc.
  • 200+ roles to express yourself with

DISCLAIMER: All giveaway items and purchasable items are legitimate and legal.

If you like free stuff, we most likely have a giveaway going on right now! Feel free to come in and enter for a chance to win - no strings attached, and it costs you absolutely nothing!

Each month, we give away over $100 worth in prizes!

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