Welcome to the Island of the Lost!

Long ago, there existed two realms: the Regional world and the Mystery Dungeon world. However, as Gods clashed between the two, a dimensional rift was torn from the excessive energy. A chunk of land, soon to be known as Kindunos Island to the residents, was created from the chaos and drifted between the worlds. Humans are unable to find their way to this new land, yet a strange power allows Pokémon to find their way to it.

First inhabited by natives that knew no law nor order, a legendary came to the island, seeking refuge from humans and a place where Pokémon may come to live in peace. Kenotis the Mewtwo. Under his watch, a barrier was placed around the island to ensure its safety from mankind. Furthermore, he established the recently-named Meurem Guild, laying down order among the Pokémon.

Of course, not everyone agreed with his ways. Criminals and unchanged natives, now labeled as Rogues, run rampant. And even moreso with Kenotis' disappearance years after his creation took hold. But this uprising led to a surge of Guild members, heroes young and old, that would protect all. Yet there were some that took no side, earning the title of Neutral.

Despite these names, the island raged with natural disasters. Hurricanes swept the forests, flooding cascaded the beaches, and even earthquakes split the meadows. The place is dangerous, and it roams with heroes, villains, and everything in-between. What path will you choose?

What we have:

  • PG 16+ setting!
  • A friendly, active community!
  • Helpful staff members!
  • All types of writing styles!
  • IRP and OOC events!
  • Story Arcs!
  • Multiple fun and/or helpful bots!

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