Respect and Reason. It's what drives our community and makes us different than your run-of-the-mill community. Plus... we have bacon!

Many servers SAY they're unique but can they really back that up? We can. The system we've designed is there to give the benefits of small-server closeness and personability, while also gaining the benefits of large-server diversity and ability to meet new people who are just like you! Or, maybe even different!

Our server includes:

  • Anti-Ping-Spam by using tags to give you only the content you're interested in
  • A clean design for channels so you're not having trouble sifting through 5000 messy-designed channels like most servers
  • Unique ranking system based off of how active the server is as a whole
  • A custom coded Bot that allows us to do cool stuff with member ranks and information tracking
  • Perfectly organized member tags, making it easy to talk to the people who have similar interests

Please join our active community and introduce yourself, you can't know if you'll grow to love our server unless you give us a few hours to show you why we deserve to be the top of your server list!

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