➢ We are a friendly role-play community that uses the League of Nations Bot. The community is comprised of members from all around the globe and are friendly and welcoming. So feel free to socialize and get to know the members. ➢ Members can create nations, form alliances/factions, compete with other nations by increasing their nation's stats and choose to have an aggressive or neutral nation.

League of Nations Bot Features:

? Create a Nation, Generate & Collect Tax, Pay Bills, Set your Nation or Alliance Flag

?️ Customizable Role-Play

? Create & Join Alliances, provide Aid to Other Nations or Alliances

? Research & Unlock Blueprints and Manufacture Air, Land and Sea units

? Buy, Sell and Trade

?️ Select your Government and Resources

?️ Build Improvements to Increase Your Strength and Economic Power

?️ Build & Upgrade Structures, Train Troops

? Air, Land & Sea Units

? Complete Help & Tutorial commands

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