Welcome home!

Thunderbear Gaming is a worldwide PC gaming community for casual and competitive gamers. We play, stream, create content and compete in a variety of popular multiplayer games including R6: Siege, CS:GO and the occasional RPG/MMORPG (i.e. Monster Hunter: World, WoW, Path of Exile), as well as any other interesting multiplayer releases. We also host events such as giveaways and tournaments!

We are not the kind of clan that forces you to participate in weekly meetings or mandatory training sessions. However, if you want to play more competitively, we have self-organized teams that train regularly.

If you have been looking for a friendly gaming clan for what seems like an eternity, unable to find anything fun, active or laid-back enough, give this one a try!

Requirements:    • Don't be a d*ck

• Working microphone

• No clan-hoppers (i.e. you aren't part of multiple clans or actively promoting other communities)

Our Goals:

• Maintain a mature, warm and toxic-free environment for new or veteran gamers

• Build teams and participate in tournaments and help players who wish to improve their skills in some of the most popular multiplayer games

• Create interesting content and events to help our community grow and interact with each other (videos, highlights, gaming nights, etc.)

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