✿ So many people all over the world enjoy Roleplaying, though it is always hard to find friends IRL who feel the same. Subjects like Worldbuilding, Story Boarding, Plot Setting and Character Design are often concepts that friends and family just don't understand or have much interest in.

✿ RP Garden strives to help you build a community of stable online friends who you can talk to about your interests at any time! Everyone within this server will understand what you really mean when you say "OC" or "She writes so Lit".

✿ Of course there are many spaces on Gaia, Reddit, Neopets, and other websites wherein you can seek out people with similar interests to talk to. When you come to The Roleplay Garden, they're already here and waiting, and you don't have to be searching for a roleplay in order to talk with them!

✿ You may use this server for your RPs, or you can use it to find a partner and take the RPs elsewhere! You can come share art, show us your pets, talk about books, offer commissions! Play games! There are so many wonderful things to do when you wander in the Garden.

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