This is just the beginning of the end of the road. End of the Road, or EotR, offers all new and original character types from psychics with angelic blood running through their veins, opposed to demon blood, to completely new and unique creature types taken from actual lore. Our story picked up after season 7, and branched off from the show’s storyline with it’s own plotlines and lore structures. Plots on EotR are very member active, allowing you to get involved in whichever stories you’d like to along with your own character’s personal plots.

You’re welcomed to have as many characters as you wish, and we’re not overly strict about activity. We like to keep RP fun and easy going, without causing it to become a chore. We're willing to help you create new ideas or with anything else you need help with when on the forum, so don't be afraid to jump in the chat with a hello!

Please keep in mind that this site is highly c-box based, which means that most of the RP happens within the chat. It's faster, more interactive, and keeps you busy. We do however try to keep the in character RP somewhat organized, having set locations and a whole unique storyline set up for the c-box only! That does not mean that board RP is not allowed, it’s just not preferred by most members, however some are still open to RPing on the board. There are many plots that go on as well and to find out the major plots taking place right now check out the Important Reads section under C-Box Information.


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