Hey there broke scavy bois, Chad Dad Deeki here, I run this discord, Killa Bois, to teach new players how to play the game as well as make money and ascend the ranks of communist Russia the rich get richer while the scavy get well scavier. If you need a group to play with and are tired of getting clapped by 4 or 5 mans join up! Want to finally be level 10 and have flea market? Join up! Wanna learn to solo cache run on shoreline to make money? join up! Want to finally have over 200,000 roubles?? Join up! Wanna finally kill a pmc? JOIN UP! Want to finally stop being bad at the game?????? JOIN THE DISCORD ALREADY! My apostle turned disciples are always on if I'm not and there will always be someone to play with. ALSO! The discord is looking for new Sherpas who arent afraid to occasionally get tk'd while showing the "younglings" of the discord how to play the game and grow them into hardened tarkov veterans.


I also make Tutorial videos at the username Deeki Needles on Youtube.

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