Active NSFW ERP-focused Love Hotel with activity-based roles/rewards! Lewd Maid Hotel is all about role-playing with many different members, no-strings-attached! No lore/verification/currency bots/wall of rules/partnerships, casual writing welcome!

Submit a character (Max of 5 to start) ⭐Grab a lewd [MAID] or [HOST] ?Do the thing!

⭐ Active, Fast, Friendly ⭐ With small, quick templates and lightning-fast approval, you'll find an ERP right away, no matter what character you have or how much time you have! Our server has been around almost 2 years and our members average 300+ ERPs a week! (the most active in-server ERP on Discord)

? ERP Leveling System ? Complete ERPs in our server to earn fancy roles, custom channels and more! Starting from [JUST A VIRGIN], you can screw your way to the top of the userlist! Any active ERPers are given a customizable [VIP] role and our top ERPers for the week are featured in our server's welcome banner!

⭐ Erotic-Roleplay-Focused Community ⭐ BEGONE THOTS! We are ERP-focused and NOT A NSFW/HENTAI/DATING server! No voice chat, no #venting, no #selfies, no #irl-stuff, no drama! Our staff protects our members not only from RPers who drop roleplays but also those who creep in DMs! We kick lurkers weekly and inactive bios bi-weekly, meaning every member you see in the server is available to roleplay with! Our minimalist, organized channel layout keep the focus on ERP.

? STAR System ? Staff-moderated ‘Casual/Semi-Lit/Adv-Lit’ roles; Easily match yourself with roleplayers of similar writing styles, from 1-liners (☆) to Multi-paragraph (✶★☆)!

⭐ Character Code System ⭐ No joining another server or using a bot to edit/search character bios! Our [CHARACTER ID] system allows you to easily search bios using Discord’s built-in search function and a unique identifier given upon approval!

? Unique Role System ?

⭐ MONMUSU/HUMANOID MALE CHARACTERS ONLY ⭐ Monster girls (Catgirls, Spidergirls, Demons, Fairies) as well as humanoid males (Incubus, Catboys, etc) are allowed!

We do not discriminate against IRL lifestyle choices (and will punish those who do), but we will NOT APPROVE FURRY/ANTHRO/FUTA/TRANS CHARACTER SUBMISSIONS OR ANY MAGICAL ABILITIES!

So what are you waiting for? Stop by the hotel, you’re sure to find someone to love...for a few hours. ?

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