(LGBTQIA+, 16+) Tired of big servers with little connection? So are we! Here at Faerie, we have rebuilt the server (secret old name ooo) with the sole purpose of forming a tightly-knit community. Translation: We're lonely and really want to make friends! Come be our gaming or talking buddies! It's our story to write now.

We offer:
✨gaming buddies! VRChat, Naraka, Animal Crossing, Jackbox, LoL, etc.
✨regulated access
✨identity roles
✨color roles
✨cute emojis
✨a cozy queer home (allies welcome!)
✨dumb bitch hours
✨bot minigames ✨lots of events such as weekly game and movie nights!

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Информагентство "Ледокол" является информационным ресурсом
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