What started out as a streaming discord has now become a welcoming & vibrant community.

BBGS came to be on 05/02/2021 after a re-branding.

We welcome all walks of life into our community.

We are an adult 18+ community so if you are under the age of 18 please do not join.

What we offer:

  • Good banter
  • Multiplayer gaming (Currently: Valheim (Dedicated Server), Division 2, Minecraft (Dedicated Server), The Crew 2, Oldschool Runescape, ATLAS, Phantasy Star Online 2 (INC NGS))
  • WWF Wrestling watch parties (Currently watching 1999 Attitude Era)
  • AEW (All Elite Wrestling) watch parties
  • WCW (World Championship Wrestling) watch parties (Currently watching 1998)
  • Movie nights
  • Game Giveaways
  • Music channel to listen to your favourite beats
  • Separate role for Twitch streamers when live + Shoutouts to the rest of the discord
  • Drinking buddies ;)

No rules apply, just use common sense (no homophobic slurs, racism, etc) and we'll be fine. We absolutely love talking about politics and religion :P

Specific voice and text gaming channels will be added as we evolve and grow. For now we are a good group of friends looking for likeminded gamers and welcome anyone to join.

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