Now my server may strike controversy on the strong subject of the great wars and other warfare throughout history. But the memes are a way to take part in history and have fun with such a grim topic. The community is active and fun, and the server has a wonderful and a varitiary staff that makes a server a better place. But in order to keep chats in order, there are plenty of rules in place so you can have the best experience possible. In the server, that are multiple text channels with a variety of topics, including history and meme genres like wholesome memes, anime memes, gaming memes, and cursed images, just to name a few. Along with our Kek or Cringe chat where we all as a community can judge memes(with other upcoming community activities). We also do raids on servers and we are open to suggestions to benefit the server even further. We do streams of anime, movies (especially holiday specials), and video games. The video games we specify are Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and the E-sport Rocket League(yes we have an e-sport team member on the server). As an active server, we create new activities for our beloved members. This is a place for historians, memers, and role-players(kind of ) alike. I look forward to seeing you guys joining and we are open to more partners. AND WELCOME TO THE WWII MEMES AND MORE SERVER!

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