Welcome to Everlasting Realm & AOTV (Ancestry of the Void) Server.

About Everlasting Realm

This is a Server that accepts Singlets, Questioning, Traumagenic, Endogenic, Parogenic (Tulpamancers), Median, Gateway and so much more, we are open to suggestions & change be that it is a channel, chat, bot or roles. We are always making updates on the server, no matter how big or small.

We hold events and activities for the server/members! We have an archive that leads directly to our website, Ancestry of the Void which is where we have information on different systems and try to encourage systems to post info about their system types.


~ Interview Realm ~ Plural Archives ~ System Info ~ Art Gallery ~ Media Channel ~ Event Channel ~ Heavenly Chat ~ Outer Rim {TW} ~ Pokemon Realm ~ Oblivion {NSFW}

Reavtive/Available Roles

~ Art Gallery Role ~ Media Role ~ Event Role ~ Pokemon Role ~ Warden {TW} ~ Officer ~ System Info ~Oblivion {NSFW}

Random Server Info

This Server has a Censored/Banned Words & Topics list! Please read this along with our rules.

This server is Air locked

If you are a singlet please remember that this is not roleplay, this is a system's reality.

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