The islands of Malgovia, Hikamb, and Yinan were once uninhabited by humans, ruled by societies of other races, both magic-born and humanoid. But, as they always seem to, humans came. They were religious outcasts, fanatics of the Shihma, an isolationist religion that vilified written language. Soon after the humans arrived, The Storm—a maelstrom of swirling magic—formed around the islands, tossing back any attempt to enter or leave. Its origins remain unknown.

Society morphed in the near four hundred years of isolation and interaction with the native species of the islands. Most split from Shihma, and because humans lack the affinity for the magic that natives enjoy, most pursued science and technology. The islands have become an intricate place of rampant industrialization, great magitech innovation, and all dominated by humans... to the chagrin of the native races. Those natives still have a place, but many have been forced to either integrate with human society or go into exile in the far reaches.

Now, times are troubled as ever, it’s a new age, and humans have finally harnessed the magic of this land as a power source for their ever-growing technological prowess. In this age of enlightenment, what will come of innovation? Will a balance be struck? Or will this small world within the perpetual storm become as chaotic as the barrier that encompasses it?

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