We are a multi-game casual community that plays a lot of tactical FPS and RTS games such as Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum, Squad, Arma 3, Company of Heroes, Foxhole, Hearts of Iron, War Thunder, Men of War, Holdfast: Nations at War, War of Rights, Day of Infamy, Verdun and many others.

We also have a well supplied entertainment lounge with a history corner, video, picture, movie and other media channels, Anime as well as NSFW and a lot others, memes included as well of course.

So even if you don't want to play anything but just wanna chill out and have fun you can also do that here, as we're all working people or in school/college we don't have any mandatory or strict requirements, just that people are not assholes, are mature, can coordinate and have fun, that's all.


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