(DLIVE Dedication) We are the hive, we are dedicated to making sure the #DLIVE platform continues to grow with love <3 Gamers, streamers, and content creators whom choose to unite for a higher cause, this is much bigger than you and I can imagine. https://dlive.tv/KingB33 I am Bumble Bee (AKA KingB33) I'm motivated, and wont stop, we need more help, so join the good fight help us join the hive <3 ALL LANGUAGES WELCOME HERE Dreams Do Come True!! https://twitter.com/b33_gaming Yes, I'm finally active on twitter >.< We don't need to understand the same language to understand each other, find a common ground love each other, & respect each other. How are we supposed to evolve and grow as a race if we do not encourage each other to speak different?? Let's Learn from each other, and grow <3 *All Donations/Lemons that come our way goes to not only giveaways but back to the #DLIVE Community as well, We take Pride In Supporting you all and the #DLive Platform In a Whole <3 * Gaming of all Genres, Come Buzz with the Bee's @ The Hive Join our Patreon @ https://www.patreon.com/bumbleb33gaming

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