WELCOME - The only thing I ask in return is to share this with your friends so they can benefit as well!

I wanted to create a 1 stop shop for all Rocket League players to help them improve their game play. I hope I did it, let me know what could be improved!

  • Discord Layout
  1. Camera and Controller settings.
  2. Car Hitboxes - A Guide to find the car that is best for you!
  3. Ranked list of YouTubers based on their ability to create Training content.
  4. Over 20 different RL Content Creators, with description of their content
  5. Rocket League Mechanics Guide (Playground) displayed for easy understanding: Trick - Youtube Link - Training Pack. HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THIS
  6. OVER 500 categorized Rocket League training packs to use in custom training.
  7. A Tips and Trick rank progression. From :Bronze3:Bronze - Super Sonic Legend. :SupersonicLegend:
  • How to Use If You're Platinum 2 and you want to get into Diamond. Click on the Platinum channel. You will see tips on how to reach the next rank. Too easy or hard? Review the rank below or above you! Sometimes we forget the basics, it doesn't hurt to go back and review some concepts discussed in earlier ranks.

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