Welcome to Loomian Legacy 2.0, a Fan-Server dedicated on a ROBLOX Game! The Server welcomes and part of the Community coming from trading Loomians or helping in trades/values, discussion about PvP, theories and art, we all want to help out each other in any way possible!

Our aim is to create a friendly, enjoyable, non-toxic and joyful Server where users can join PvP Tournaments, Gamenight's, VC's, Art Contest's, Giveaways, Music, QOTD's and much more!

The server is always up to date to the latest of Loomian Legacy news and tutorials. We also have a place where you can find your answer to many of your questions, faq.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Loomian Legacy 2.0, make sure to read the rules and have fun!! ?

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