════════⨳⧈⩥⊨☢︎⑄☞The Social Cafe-Lounge☜⑄ ☢︎⫤⩤⧈⨳════════ ⟹⟹⟹⟹⟹⟹ ⬇︎What are we? well...⬇︎ ⟸⟸⟸⟸⟸

☞☞Our server aims to make a safe and fun place for everyone <⒊

➢➢We are an active, fun and entertaining server.

➤➤In our server we send memes, play music, stay active chatting etc

➾➾We have different roles and custom colour roles. We do custom role giveaways every week and other giveaways too real good ones you'd have to join to know

⇏⇏Feel free to boost if you like the server and for anyone who boosts receive special perks

➠➠we have funny emojis and many fun bots for entertainment

⇒⇒We are friendly and try to keep the server as great as possible so knock yourselves out

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