Welcome to Beaupier.

The sign, though cracked and warped, still stands despite the odds. A crow, perched delicately on the edge of a watchtower, awakens the survivors of the crudely fortified town. A crow. It was always the Crow. An omen of death that none wished to acknowledge, though now we have no choice. Death walks among us, past every gate.

The waves crash rhythmically against the cliff side as the town rises. Over the sounds of the morning, a now-familiar groaning accompanies the birds and the wind. The Infected claw desperately at the fences enclosing the town. They can smell the live bait within, and they will await the inevitable decay, for a feast that will never satisfy them.

Now we turn to you, our travelling anomaly. You have defied the odds, staggering through the curling fog of the forest, fending off the Infected, only to come to a halt before our gates. The watchtowers scrutinize you as we approach to make your acquaintance. Perhaps you have finally found a safe haven, after tiresome efforts. Perhaps, you have a place here, a place to survive. Welcome to Beaupier.

Will you join us? ———————————————————— Welcome to Beaupier, a Futuristic Zombie Apocalypse RP! We have plenty of exciting aspects to offer, such as:

➣ Exciting plots and detailed lore. ➣ Fun self roles.

➣ OOC chats and bot games to play with fellow members.

➣ Semi-Literate to Literate RP.

➣ Cool custom achievable roles to earn.

➣ Partnerships available.

Come check us out!

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