Welcome to the UnderGround Department of Public Saftey, the newest growing FiveM server on the lists. What spreads us apart from other servers that strive to be like us is the work, time, and dedication put into crafting the best RP experience for our users who decide to join.

We have a large number of custom addons and plugins added into the game to ensure that while you are RPing here, there is always something to do. We have effectively opened up 10% more of the map in Blaine County with custom buildings to make sure that the fun never stops.

Maybe running a civilian isn't your style, and that is more than fine by us. Join the force as a Community Officer as you pull your badge and weapon to help fight crime in the area, only boosted by more realism within our active Cad system, Teamspeak, and more. If you enjoy the fun, we have a selection of Whitelisted Departments that you may take a shot at including Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff's office, and even the San Andreas Highway Patrol.

Not up to holding a gun, but you still wanna help out and be apart of the scene. Feel free to try out some of our other whitelisted options such as the San Andreas Communications Department, more commonly known as Dispatch, to start directing forces, and working to make the area a safer place. Or maybe you want to be hands-on with the action, then dive right into the San Andreas Fire Department. Carefully crafted the department will satisfy all your needs to help out those in need.

On top of all of this, our selection of around the clock staff will ensure that if anyone is up to no good, more likely than not someone will be on to help you with any issue you may come to face to minimize any inconvenience to you.

We here at UGDPS are all towards making RP as fun, yet controlled, as we can. We hope to see you soon.

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