Legacy Lands


LegacyLands is a friendly community non-profit Minecraft Java server. We are not a network but host 3 different worlds: SurvivalEconomy, MobHunting RPG and SemiCreative. There are also minigames like speedrun, Mobarena and custom events. Join Us!

Legacy Lands is a small Minecraft Java server. The server is Hosted in the USA, but we have players from all around the globe. Right now we Updated to 1.16.1. In total we have 3 playable worlds:

  • SurvivalEconomy
  • MobHuntingRPG
  • SemiCreative

Each has a different game style as you can imagine. In SurvivalEconomy you can play a normal survival multiplayer experience but with the benefits of the economy you can trade with other players whatever you need. Griefers also won't be an issue as you can protect your builds with claims, just don't forget to claim your stuff (after 60 days of inactivity your claims expire). This world also hosts many cities and games: MobArena, Speedrun, StickSumo and more.

MobHunting RPG is the perfect world for players that want a different experience from normal minecraft. Start by getting the basic gear and start killing Elite Mobs and Bosses. The Higher your Tier the Harder the mobs are but also the the loot is way better (custom names, enchants and effects). Gain coins by killing mobs and get a higher rank in your guild!

SemiCreative would be the perfect world for players that love to build without the restrictions of the survival gamemode. Fly is enabled and you can't really die. Creative is only active in your claims though, that's why it is "semi creative".

You can play all three worlds or just one, you are totally free to decide :) We are not a network so all worlds are in the same server and you can interact with all the players online even if playing in different worlds