"TRIPLE A UNLIMITED": Liv Server, 50 Slot, Boosted but good loot, 2hr days 2hr nights

"TRIPLE A RUTHLESS": Cherno Server, 50 Slot, Always high-full, 3hr days 2hr nights.

"TRIPLE A FEAR FACTOR": Cherno Server, 32 Slot, HARDCORE, low-med pop, 30 min days, 1.5hr nights

"TRIPLE A DEATHMATCH": All KOS, Cherno Server, 50 Slot, Custom Built NEAF, Modded guns, no nights, always high pop


Factions Welcome!, 800+ members, Great STAFF full of Designers and Coders, Currency to spend in discord and then get items in game, Donater Perks, Feedback always welcome, Not many rules, and so much more you have to join to find out :)

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