Welcome to ASOIAF: Age of Kings!

Set in the year 433 AC, Westeros has now fractured into nine kingdoms: The Kingdom of the North and Trident, The Kingdom of the Iron Isles, The Kingdom of Mountain and Vale, The Principality of Dorne, The Kingdom of the Reach, The Kingdom of the Narrow Sea, the Kingdom of the Crownlands, The Kingdom of the Rock,and The Kingdom of the Storm.

With each region having had their own share of trouble and strife, for the first time since the coming of Aegon the conqueror, the ever troublesome and warlike regions of Westeros find each other at both direct and indirect odds. But despite the many troubles all of the Westerosi denizens fear, the realm has experienced a rather calm era of rebuilding,growth and stability since the long night some three generations ago. But men easily go astray and forget the recent well being in favors of their own selfish gains. The opportunistic nobles look to expand their power, lands, influence or their blood through acts of marriage, while the smallfolk remain watchful more than ever of their neighbors and often find each other in ill matter over dozens of daily disputes, both with each other, and with their own overlords. These influence their own lives and customs, fearing that if they fail to provide enough for their families or pay their dues all would starve and perish in these uncertain times.

Applications for House Tyrell are open!

What we offer: +Literate Roleplay

  • 18+ server +Realistic and lore-wise roleplay +Active staff members +An active NPC system, where besides your characters you are able to have NPC's in other regions to interact with others +Relaxed OOC environment, drama will not be tolerated

A land known for conflict and strife, yet with many that held strong. Are you one?

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